"We're the five-planet lifestyle people"

    Kalle Lasn


    The multiple planets present in Doitschinoff’s iconography are inspired by the recently raised reflection by researchers and intellectuals like Kalle Lasn* on the impossibility of sustaining the pace of consumption and exploitation. If everyone was to consume at the same rate of cities like New York, São Paulo, London and Tokyo, we would need three planets to meet the demand.


    This idea is also being broadcast from interpretations of some religious texts, claiming that earth exists to serve man and will be purified after the final judgment. Nevertheless, most of the congressmen who vote against the Kyoto and Copenhagen treaties are connected to the oil industry and are supporters at such ideas.


    * Kalle Lasn, 1942 - Creator of "Adbusters" magazine, writer, documentary filmmaker and activist.



    Primitive Psychedelia

    The Bible version for the beginning of language, or for the existence of different types of languages on Earth, claims that, at one point, man taken for arrogance decided to build a tower that could reach the sky. God having seen it was furious and decided to disrupt the work by having each man speak a different language, so that chaos was installed and human work could not be completed.


    Another version of this same story, based scientifically but also not accepted academically, is suggested by writer and historian Terence McKenna (1946-2000). At a given time during the evolution previous to Homo Erectus, it was common for families of primates to chase herds of large mammals through their waste trail. Hungry, unable to reach their prey, they would end up eating mushrooms born amongst the feces of those animals. This process of eating the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom, highly hallucinogenic and psychedelic, has stimulated the need for communication and the beginning of speech.


    The Devil's Hair

    Long tangled hair take hold of anthropomorphic entities. The image of loose hair may refer to an abstraction of reality, sensuality and eroticism, or even movement and freedom of speech.


    In psychology and mythology, the symbolism behind the fur and hair is related to wildlife, to instinct and emotions that cannot be tamed, escaping from the filter of reason and dogma. Maybe this is why different cultures and religions maintain strict rules in taming hair, either covering them completely, requiring a specific style or even prohibiting any cut.


    The Rose of insubordination

    Vor v Zakone, or Bandits Within the Law, in a free Russian translation, is a system of codes made in the skin, which tells the thief or criminal career biography (vor). The ultimate symbol is the star from the Compass Rose, commonly tattooed on their knees, indicating that the individual does not kneel or submit to anyone.

    Such Star is also portrayed in different contexts in the artists iconography, like in the 3 Worlds painting and in the Temple of New Asceticism, where it appears on the knees of Christ.

    By bringing this representation, we intend to create an immediate break in the message, freeing both symbols of the historical burden they carry and allowing us, the receivers, to put in place an entire new meaning.

    Jesus on the cross is the ultimate submission act in the history of the Western Civilization, but the message is corrupted by inserting a symbol of opposite origin and meaning, referring to criminality and insubordination.

    In 3 Worlds, in turn, the symbolic code is displayed on the knee of an allegory of the state itself, symbol of stiffness in preserving outdated values.



    Perhaps the clearest symptom of our time is procrastination. This strange concept that the future will be resolved in the future.


    Understandable. The complexity, the scale of the problem is such that we naturally prefer to handle tasks at hand. Recycle plastic and paper, ride bikes, buy fair trade - real attitudes, immediate, that sculpt a more optimistic reality in the present.


    But they serve more as balsam to our feeling of individual guilt than to the civilization crisis. It is as if we are "proud to do our part" while we arrange the drawers and wash the dishes - in a burning house.


    Studded Moon

    This natural satellite was the scene of a fierce contest in the second half of the 20th century. In 1969, man reached the moon for the first time ever, marking the most audacious feat of the space race. This could have been a great opportunity for a symbolic and literal change of perspective, or even to gain a new outlook, acknowledging that there are no boundaries and that we live in a closed ecosystem, retro powered, in the middle of space.


    However, at such a time, quite favorable to new understandings, what is remembered is the enhancement of a domination posture, conquest and control, represented by the image of Neil Armstrong sticking the flag on the lunar surface.


    Taken by flags, Studded Moon is a barren landscape in which the stems of the flags are clustered in the same region and emphasize a symbolic colonialist construction.


    At other times of Doitschinoffs iconography, the moon is also represented in the form of a cube, fleeing to the rule of its organic representation. Associated in mythology and psychology to the feminine side, to emotions, to lovers and the tide, the Moon acquires a contrasting, opposite connotation, since the square is related to the masculine side, more rational and scientific.


    Studded Moon (addendum)


    It is hard to imagine if History of Mankind has in itself a moment that provided an experience for a quantum leap, expansion of consciousness, or even increased human understanding. We believe these processes can happen, but it may take decades, perhaps centuries or even millennia.


    Perhaps the most singular moment that could be used as an example of this uniqueness was when man looked at Earth from afar, stepping on the moon in July 20, 1969.



    Surreal Nationalism / National Surrealism

    The flag as a symbol, when it is created, has no value. It must be present in the imagination of people to acquire any meaning. And this is given by exhaustive repetition, by its presence in the territory, by the time it is displayed or by being inserted into a specific scenario involving its value and nobility, like at the top of a pole, the mast of a ship, a building, or even on the moon.


    The more nationalist a country is, the bigger the presence of flags in it. Moreover, those who are depicted holding the flag usually represent a role model, an example of values to be followed. On the contrary, in this picture, he who raises the flag is a detainee, representative of an unwanted and marginalized class of society. The grey flag behind barbed fences appears repeated countless times in itself, an ineffective version of symbolic validation resources, likewise when a word is repeatedly spoken until its meaning is drained, serving only to reaffirm a value that in itself is no longer effective.


    Artificial satellites

    What sustains a satellite in the air is not only gravity but also the motivations. By portraying the satellite on fire, we show a destabilization in the physical apparatus, which symbolically refers to the corruption of information.

    The satellites may have the most varied functions. There is great complexity and investment to put them in orbit and are often financed by large media companies and public bodies. However, the motivations of these institutions do not necessarily correspond to the needs and expectations of the targeted audience. The thought of having access to impartial and truthful information is questionable, whereas corporations have private interests and are linked to a unilateral party network.


    Collapse culture

    Culture means cultivation. Anything cultivated by man is cultural, regardless of judgment. However, there is a mistaken assumption that culture is necessarily a good thing, artistic, or related to traditions which are beneficial to society, and must be preserved at all costs. Used as an excuse for extreme violence and torture of people, animals and the environment, the label Culture sustains actions such as stoning, genital mutilation, sexism, corruption, racism, bribery, homophobia, among many other acts and rooted customs in society that hinder the process of evolution.

    The boat filled with books and sinking, deals with the ever coming collapse caused by the weight of culture, in this context of distorted and disguised values.

    The caravel can also be understood as a symbol of colonization, bringing books intended to standardize the diversity of cultural events in one given location, to implement a truth.


    It is also a cultural factor for an individual or a nation’s attitude to sentence someone else's action, and then intervene on behalf of what is considered good or right. On this dilemma, what is worse? We want to bring out this kind of reflection on cultural manifestations, but we consider this kind of judgment dangerous when used as an excuse for any kind of military intervention. History shows that this kind of cultural judgment can and is used as an excuse for military actions that have later proved to be widely profitable for its intervenor, leaving no doubt about the real reasons for them to happen.



    Plants, fungi and plant extracts, and animals with psychoactive properties, are deeply rooted in spiritual and medicinal practices, and rites of passage of native populations that were decimated, had their culture marginalized and their land expropriated, substituted by the conqueror’s law, culture and tradition, whose relationship with nature is to control and not a sense of belonging.


    More than four centuries since the beginning of the colonization of the Americas, this process of discrimination has been perpetuated. In 1961, the UN signed the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, which inserts ancestral plants used in the practices mentioned above in the same context of substances such as crack, cocaine and heroin, drastically worsening the issue of cultural marginalization of indigenous peoples and even depriving the scientific society of conducting research and experiments.




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